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Mary-Louise Parker's Blazing Weeds Bar Sex Scene (watch!)

Mary-Louise Parker bites and claws her way through a barroom sex scene on “Weeds,” which debuted Oct. 11. The scene unfolds when Parker’s character hooks up with a local bartender after she parks her Winnebago. He spanks, she bites! Hot

Check out Mary-Louise’s photos; click to enlarge.

“That was kind of my idea because I felt like sex scenes can be incredibly rote,” Parker said while promoting the movie Red.

“Generally there’s more going on with two people when they’re having sex than just them groaning and grunting. I feel like it’s a chance to really say something about someone.

“There’s something about her that’s very immature and there’s something about her that, really, she needs something punitive,” Parker explained to movie web site screen junkies.

Check out the video and stills from the scene: Click photos to enlarge.


  • eltrut

    Normally I don’t even pay attention to sex scenes, but WOW! Miss Parker…uhmm…thanks! =D

  • Rick

    What a whore. Her dad must be proud.

  • Chris

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  • jeeeeeebus

    Why is old people having sex hot ?Shes all old and her tits are small and not that great looking.

  • Ari Ola

    She’s hot and her nipples are awesome !!!