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Did British Woman Pose for Miley Cyrus 'Nude Photo'?

The Miley Cyrus nude photo controversy has roiled the Internet for a second day, as evidence increasingly suggests the full-frontal photo originally claimed to be the “Hannah Montana” star is actually another female poser.

The provocative nude and semi-nude photos rapidly went viral yesterday (Dec. 2). But it was difficult to pinpoint Miley in the raciest, full-frontal photo because it had been cropped just above the chin so the face could not be seen.

Check out the uncensored photo purporting to be Miley and the woman who may actually be in the photo. Note the identical tan lines in the two photos.

Celebrities have been plagued by fake nude photos for years. Recently, a nude photo purported to be Emma Watson circulated around campus at Brown University where she attends classes.

But it also proved to be fake.

In the latest developments, the Web site that initially posted the photo has since acknowledged that the woman is not Cyrus. Rather it is a 19-year-old British woman who looks remarkably like her and has impersonated Cyrus in the past.

But the real evidence is a comparison of the female poser and the uncensored “Miley” photo. The tans lines in the two photos are identical. (See it here)

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4 comments to Did British Woman Pose for Miley Cyrus 'Nude Photo'?

  • Anna

    I wonder how Miley paid this girl to say it was her.

    1. Only about 20% of the world’s population is left handed. Miley IS left-handed. She’s holding the phone with her LEFT hand. I doubt that British girl is left handed, too.
    2. The hair in Miley’s picture are obviously extensions. The Brit’s hair is natural and her curls are far tighter.
    3. It’s been PROVEN the photo was taken in a Madrid hotel room. What would that woman, who’s being accused of being in the photo be doing ON TOUR IN MADRID wearing Miley’s bracelet?! -_-

    Sorry, Miley’s management. You’re fooling me.

  • noonespecial

    Wheres the tatoo.

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of adulthood, Miley Cyrus. There are a few things you should learn before sharing your nude pics with the whole world!

  • YouDontNeedToKnow


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