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Madonna Fearless Nude by Steve Meisel Sells for $25,000

Madonna looks fearless in a 1990 black-and-white photo smoking a cigarette and lying half-uncovered nude on a bed. The image sold for $25,000, three times the estimated price at Bonhams auction in New York.

Renown fashion photographer Steven Meisel captured the image and signed it with the annotation “ed no.1.”

Check out Madonna’s photo; click to enlarge.

For her groundbreaking work in the ’80s, Madonna was named “Artist of the Decade” by MTV. This photo was taken around the same time.

Meisel also shot Madonna’s scandalous coffeetable book “Sex” fill with images of her nude.

The photo is representative of Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” period when she wore her hair cut short and dyed platinum blonde like Marilyn Monroe. Then 31, the singer was at the height of her fame. She not only was producing best-selling albums but also starring in films.

She played “Breathless” Mahoney in the Warren Beatty film Dick Tracy (1990). She was named “Artist of the Decade” by MTV, for her groundbreaking work in the ’80s.

Madonna had her limits but she knew she had the power to define pop culture. “I know that I’m not the best singer and I know that I’m not the best dancer. ‘But, I can f*****g push people’s buttons and be as provocative as I want. The tour’s goal is to break useless taboos,” she said.


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