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Kristen Stewart Topless, Again, in New Film

kristenstewart vmag 610x367 Kristen Stewart Topless, Again, in New Film

“Twilight” sweetheart Kristen Stewart will likely do one or more nude scenes in her latest film, an erotic comedy about the fashion industry directed by Steven Shainberg. She last appeared naked in Jack Kerouac film “On the Road.”

Elizabeth Banks and Jim Sturgess will also star and Shainberg says the film will combine eroticism and humor like his 2002 dark comedy “Secretary.”

That film starred Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lesley Ann Warren and James Spader. It dealt with bondage and sadomasochism themes and Gyllenhaal appeared full-frontal naked in the film.

She gave a breakthrough performance and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

“The Big Shoe” centers around Sturgess, who plays a gifted shoe designer, according to deadline, which broke the story. He rebels from the family firm when they decide to use some of his designs for cheaper knock-offs. It’s up to Banks, who plays a psychotherapist, and Stewart, who plays muse Delphi, to convince him to stay with the company.

Fetishism will be a dominant theme in the movie, according to Shainberg. Stewart did her first nude scene in her “On the Road.” She played a promiscuous teenager who hooks up with the film’s two lead characters.

She said she is comfortable doing nude scenes, if the part calls for it. Who knows, this could be a breakthrough role for her as well and lead to a major award.

Check out videos of Gyllenhaal’s nude scene in “Secretary” and a compilation of Stewart’s “On the Road” scenes below. And follow EssCurve on Twitter for all the latest updates on the most beautiful women in the world.

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