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Kim Kardashian Wedding Revives Sex Tape Past (watch!)

Kim Kardashian was a nobody when she made the sex tape with then-boyfriend, hip-hop singer Ray J. Four years ago, in February 2007, it suddenly leaked onto the Internet, and Kim became an overnight sensation.

She was offered a reality show by E! Entertainment, and her career as a celebrity skyrocketed, until she became a major brand unto herself.

Kim would like nothing better to leave her sordid past behind, but the sex tape that launched her career as a celebrity has soared in sales, riding a wave of hype from her wedding to NBA star Kris Humphries.

Her wedding was the culmination of her marketing career.

Kim is estimated to have made as much as $10 million and maybe much more from event last weekend, although exact an figure is hard to come by.

She did however, sell exclusive rights to photos of the wedding for as much as $1.5 million to People magazine.

But Kim wasn’t the only one making money off her fame. More than two million viewers were drawn to the web site that sells her sex tape, “Kim Kardashian Superstar,” up from normal traffic of about 300,000 viewers.

The tape runs for nearly 100 minutes, including more than an hour of new footage and even a ranting voicemail Kim left for Ray after the tape was leaked.

Despite suing Vivid Entertainment over control of the tape, Kim ended up cutting a deal for $5 million. Kim also gets a cut of sales.

Now, she says she regrets doing the tape and was “devastated” when the explicit footage became public. Others contend that she always intended to sell the tape and make it public.

Momager Kris Jenner has said that Kim needed a payday while she was shopping around her reality TV program.

Check out a sampling of the tape, and also a hilarious send up of Kim’s wedding below.



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