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Lindsay Lohan Ready to Strip for Playboy; See a Preview!

Lindsay Lohan is finally taking the plunge in Playboy for a payday said to be close to $1 million. The hot mess actress is no stranger to posing in the buff. She shot some risque photos for New York magazine in 2008.

The shoot started over the weekend, which means the magazine is probably shooting for its end-of-the-year issue, or for its Jan. 2012 issue.

Lohan was once one of Hollywood’s promising teen actresses, but her career today looks more like another teen has-been, Tara Reid.

Check out Lindsay’s photos; click to enlarge.

Reid had early success, but a succession of public episodes, heavy drinking and botched plastic surgery sent her on a one-way trip to the D-List.

Along the way she posed for a photo spread in Playboy, hoping to reignite her career. Careerwise, a Playboy pictorial can cut both ways, and a number of stars have posed for the magazine.

Despite all her troubles, her sexuality and interest in her has never diminished.

Lohan is still in demand for magazine photo shoots, and she’s always managed to pull herself together for them.

One of her hottest shoots was for New York magazine in March 2008. It was one of the few shoots where she posed topless.

The deal for her to pose nude in Playboy will reportedly net her close to $1 million, according to gossip site, TMZ, which confirmed the shoot.

The financially strapped men’s magazine initially offered her $750,000, but Lohan reportedly demanded $1 million and the two settled somewhere in between.

At that price, the shoot will undoubtedly include full-frontal nudity. Typically Playboy will negotiate a lower price if the photo spread only involves partial nudity.

No word yet on which issue Lindsay will be featured in, but she will almost certainly get cover treatment.

Check out Lindsay’s hot photos for a preview of what her Playboy shoot will reveal.



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