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Paz De La Huerta Street Sex Tough in Gritty New Photos

Paz de la Huerta knows New York. She was born in trendy SoHo and attended posh Saint Ann’s School, a private institution in Brooklyn where fashion designer Zac Posen was a classmate. Like all good Catholic school girls, she learned how to spit, curse and smoke cigarettes.

Paz hasn’t lost her touch.

Check out Paz’s photos; click to enlarge.

She gets down in a gritty photo Terry Richardson photo set that could have been taken on Manhattan’s Lower East Side on a steamy Friday night.

The actress and model is probably best known for her role as Lucy Danziger in the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire,” where she spits, curses and routinely takes her clothes off.

In real life, Paz is also known for barroom brawls, misdemeanor criminal charges and loopy behavior at a Golden Globes party.

Last year, she admitted she harassed a reality TV personality (not Kim Kardashian). The confrontation began as a shouting match about who was more famous and respectable.

She pleaded guilty to harassment, akin to a traffic ticket. She served a day of community service and 12 weeks of alcohol counseling.

Paz is supposedly sober now, but she knows how to turn it on for the camera.

Photographer Richardson captures the essence of her punk persona in a new series of photographs that could easily have been taken on Ludlow Street late at night. Check out her photos.



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