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Meet the Woman Mistaken to be Nude Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been photographed nude numerous times, so it came as no great shock when the Huffington Post linked to a story claiming it had yet another nude photo of the reality TV star. But this time was different, for more reasons than one.

The Web site, called MediaTakeOut claimed the photo proved Kardashian had a boob job, something the reality star has always denied.

Check out Katherine’s photos; click to enlarge.

To add insult to injury, the Huffington Post widely publicized the story by linking to it. Kim and her handlers went into denial overdrive, and Kim even posted an old photo of herself in a bikini to show she had ample cleavage even as a twenty-something.

As these things go, that’s usually the end of it. But the woman thought to be Kim has been positively identified as someone else. In short, the story was bogus from the get-go.

The woman is Colombian TV personality Katherine Porto, who posed for a topless pictorial in SoHo magazine in 2009. Katherine went about her entire daily routine, including out in public, topless, according to girlie Web site Egotastic.

Of course no apologies have been forthcoming to Kim from either Huffington Post or MediaTakeOut. Claiming it was her in the nude, is no big deal. But to question her breasts… unforgivable.

For the record, Kim says they’re real and they are spectacular. Check them out in this stunning pictorial. And check out Porto’s photos above.



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