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Chelsea Schuchman: An Ode to Feral Females

Chelsea Schuchman captures the essence of the feral female in a new photo shoot by Brad Elterman for French magazine Purple. Chelsea is an ingenue, a diamond in the rough, but definitely sexy beyond belief. What’s the mystique?

Sensuality has many definitions, but none stirs the blood more than a young blue collar woman who exudes a basic animal instinct. The late ’70s singer Jim Croce captured her spirit in his song, “Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Women.”

Check out Chelsea’s photos; click to enlarge.

Cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women
They’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane
Cigarettes, whiskey and wild wild women
They’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane

Feral women have an edge. They work with their hands. They’re not afraid to get dirty. They like rough sex. Maybe even other women. They like men with rough hands.

In 1990, the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. devised an aggressive marketing plan targeted at blue-collar women. The plan was so controversial, the company never went forward with it. But it has defined feral women ever since. It was code named “Project Virile Female.”

It created the “Dakota” cigarette brand especially for their target market of 18 to 24 year old women, who have a high school education. Schuchman captures virile female chic to a tee, posing at a pool construction site.

And why not? She likes tough, beautiful models like Gia Carangi, Freja Beha Erichsen, Kate Moss, Lindsey Wixon and Coco Rosha, according to an interview in LiveFast last year. She wears thigh-highs and shops at vintage clothing stores. And, she loves summer barbecues with friends and dogs.

“My style consists of 1970’s boho all the way through 1990’s grunge. My favorite designers are Jonny Johannson with Acne, Riccardo Tisci with Givenchy, and Alexander McQueen,” she says.

Her favorite destination in the world is Lake Como, in Italy. Watch out George Clooney. Check out her photos.



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