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Miranda Kerr Takes Nude Art to New Level

Miranda Kerr, who once raised concerns about being too thin, now has a body that’s a living art form. A series of new nude photos showcase her classic feminine beauty. In fact, she should be in a museum.

The Victoria’s Secret model and mother of one surfaced last December in fashion magazine Industrie and the stunningly artistic shots show why Playboy has become such an anachronism. Stop tops that outing with a new photo spread in September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

She models the latest boots the only way boots should be modeled, without other garments and accessories to distract from them. Photographer Terry Richardson handled the camera.

Kerr herself was surprised when another set of nude photos that were shot some time ago surfaced online.

Check out Miranda’s photos; click to enlarge.

Photographer Laurent Dumont removed them from his site almost immediately. But by then, the images had already gone viral. They show a different side to her personality. She’s clearly having fun during the shoot.

Kerr, who is married to actor Orlando Bloom, gave birth to a baby boy, Flynn, in January 2011 and was back to work modeling bikinis after just six months.

Maybe being pregnant has made a difference. But her figure looks more fabulous than ever. She credits yoga during and after her pregnancy for getting back in shape so quickly. “People should be comfortable with their bodies, it’s natural and, it’s not vulgar,” Miranda believes.

Just check out her photos and the video below and you can see why she feels that way. One day you may seem them in a museum.



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