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Brazilian Loris Kraemerh Is 'The Temptress'

Loris Kraemerh follows in the footsteps of Gisele Bundchen and other stunning Brazilian models who are slowly gaining fame–and noteriety–for their work. Her most provocative yet is with photographer David Bellemere.

The lithesome model, who turned 20 in April, poses for a photo shoot aptly entitled “The Temptress.”

Each shot is more daring than the one before it as Loris entices viewers and pulls them into her web of seduction. In the end, nothing stands between her and the viewer. She is naked, vulnerable and submissive. The series ends with her prone, staring longingly, as if at the end of a long night.

The 5-foot, 11-inch tall model exudes an unparalleled sensuality and is no stranger to working nude. For Denmark’s S Magazine, she pairs up with model Ives Kolling In a stunning short fashion film entitled “The Fallen Goddess.”

Check out Loris’ photos; click to enlarge.

It’s a series of seductive poses in which Loris slowly undresses until she is naked and vulnerable. The backdrop is stark and minimalist, with nothing more than a bare wooden farmer’s table. She’s said to exude a powerful sensuality and self-awareness.

It’s also about seduction. The video was filmed against an idyllic seascape on location in Praia de Sao Pedro, Guaruja, Brazil, near the sprawling city of São Paulo. It’s known for its stunning Beach at St. Peter.

Kraemerh knows the area well. She was born in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo. While she’s best known in Brazil, she’s already developing an international profile. She was featured in several Arabian editions of Marie Claire in 2010.

Some of her most recent work has been with Elle Brazil. In January, she appeared in a spread by photographer by Bob Wolfenson. The sensual shoot, entitled “segundas intenções,” translated “ulterior motives,” also featured models Antonio Bevilacqua and Vinicius Postiglion. It was a mix of “traditional values and a modern age sensual lovefest.”

Is she the next Gisele? Who knows for sure. But see for yourself; she could do her compatriot proud.



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