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Kate Middleton Caught Topless Poolside

Kate Middleton and husband Prince William, frolicked poolside at a sprawling estate in France as Kate casually removed her bikini top to get a tan. Unbeknownst to her a photographer was lurking in camera range and the photos were published today (Sept. 14) in France.

Buckingham place was, once again, confronted by an uproar over the behavior of the next generation to take the throne. Photos of Prince Harry in the nude with a nude woman were published last month by an American Web site.

The photographs, which are grainy, suggest they were taken at a great distance. The Duke and Duchess were vacationing in Provence at Chateau D’Aulet, a sprawling 640-acre estate owned by the Queen’s nephew Lord Linley.

William and Kate were getting some R&R before their worldwide trip on behalf of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, when Kate was caught exposed.

The photographer reportedly tried to sell the photos in the UK. No British publication would buy them, but France’s leading gossip magazine Closer, snapped them up and published more than a dozen photos in its latest edition.

Kate Middleton’s Day in the Sun

Kate can be seen with Prince William poolside. She pulls off her top and the Prince generously applies suntan lotion. Kate reportedly did not want to have tan lines during her trip overseas.

The royal couple are currently in Kuala Lumpur. They are said to be furious at what they consider a gross invasion of privacy and are considering some kind of legal action. France has strict privacy laws. The Duchess and her husband were described as “hurt, shocked, furious and disgusted.”

“Their sadness has turned to anger and disbelief as we have learnt more about the photographs. We believe a red line has been crossed and we are consulting the French lawyers to see what, if any, action can be taken,” a spokesman for the royals told London’s Daily Mail.

Publication of the photos come on the heels of another royal flap over nude pictures of Prince Harry cavorting with a nude women in his hotel suite in Las Vegas during a blowout party.

Check out Kate’s photos above.



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