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Joanna Krupa Spices Up Miami Housewives

Joanna Krupa is doing for Real Housewives of Miami what she did for swimsuit modeling. She’s making it one of the spiciest shows on basic cable. Whether she tangling with “Girls Gone Wild” goofball Joe Francis or one of her castmates, she always shows sassiness and pluck.

The 33-year-old model, who was born in Poland and grew up on Illinois, has never failed to raise eyebrows, whether she’s stripping down for Playboy or standing up for animals.

She wasted no time getting into the thick of things on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Miami.” In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, she tussles with housewife Adriana DeMoura at Lisa’s party.

Adriana starts on Karent Sierra over some things Karent was quoted as saying about DeMoura. Krupa gets involved and the next thing you know a major catfight breaks out. The episode will air Sunday at 10p.m.

Joanna Krupa Uninhibited in Revealing Top

Although Krupa just joined the show, she’s already immersed in controversy. Francis claimed he bedded her and her sister and suggested that Joanna worked as a “high-class hooker.” But Joanna insists she’d never “spread her legs” for a reported $10,000.

“I’m kind of like [model] Linda Evangelista who said she won’t get out of bed for less than 10 grand,” the feisty model said.

Lad magazine Maxim named Joanna the “Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World” and she’s not afraid to show her assets. On a night out with fiancé Romain Zago she wore a see-through top without a bra, skinny jeans, stiletto’s and a black leather clutch.

Check out the photos above and a real housewives preview below.



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