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Katrina Darling Flies the Union Jack in Loaded Mag

Katina Darling, a distant cousin to England's future queen, Kate Middleton,, is doing her part too keep the randy royal spirit alive and well. She's flying the Union Jack again in a new photo spread for Loaded magazine.

Katina Darling, a distant cousin to England’s future queen, Kate Middleton, is doing her part to keep the randy royal spirit alive. She’s flying the Union Jack again in a new photo spread for Loaded magazine.

It’s the latest look at the 22-year-old burlesque dancer since she appeared in Playboy magazine last September. And does she look different.

In the British lad magazine, her ivory white skin is contrasted by black lingerie and she’s gone platinum blonde a la Marilyn Monroe. She also has the ’50s sex sirens short wavy bob.

In Playboy, her hair was a natural brunette and flowed just past her shoulders with a part on one side. The photo shoots are the latest fruits from her new found connection to Kate.

Katrina Darling Channels Marilyn Monroe

Even Darling was unaware of her distant relation until just before Kate’s April 2011 wedding to Prince William. “It was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard,” she told Playboy. “It’s not every day something like that happens.”

She ramped up her burlesque act and titled it “God Save the Queen.” The crowds grew bigger and bigger as word spread.

“Burlesque is a platform for me to explore these kinds of things. The more into it the audience is,” says Katrina Darling, “the more into it I am.”

Katrina debuted in the United States last year. She performed at the Dream Hotels in South Beach and New York when her Playboy spread hit the newsstands.

In Loaded, she said the Duchess of Cambridge got a raw deal from the tabloids that published topless photos of her sunbathing on a royal estate in France.

“She was on private land and comfortable being in her own skin. I don’t think she should be scrutinized for being comfortable in her own skin,” she said.

Katrina, however, you can scrutinize all you wants. She loves to get naked.

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