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Elle Evans, 'Hottest Bitch' in 'Blurred Lines'

Elle Evans, who has vaulted to global prominence in Robin Thicke’s video for “Blurred Lines,” was once a devilish teen who was stripped of her Miss Teen Louisiana 2008 title in a scandal and posed for Playboy magazine under a different name.

Evans, 23, who describes herself as “rebellious,” said in an interview that the Miss Teen scandal involved a stiffed restaurant bill for a meager $46. That, plus the discovery of some pot in her purse, led to her arrest.

How did police track down her and her three friends? Duh… she left her purse in the restaurant, according to news accounts at the time.

She was forced to give up her title 11 days before the end of her reign. She was the third runner up in Miss Teen USA 2008 pageant, held in August that year, but the arrest effectively ended her beauty pageant career.

Elle Evans Sizzles in Nude Photos

She turned instead to Playboy. She did a full-frontal nude spread under the name Lindsey Gale Evans in the Oct. 2009 issue and was named “Playmate of the Month.”

But she changed her professional named to Elle Evans when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career. She also looks like she had a nose job and is model thin now compared to her Playboy photos.

In the video, Evans who is a stately 5-feet, 9-inches tall, prances over and over again throughout the un-rated video version wearing nothing by a tiny nude-colored g-string.

Her playful nudity, ruby red lips, flowing blonde hair and world-class body make her a standout. She’s joined by Emily Ratajkowski and Jessi M’Bengue, who are dressed the same.

Check out her photos above by Koha Bui and Maximillian Menacher, the “Blurred Lines” video below and follow Esscurve on Twitter for the latest news on the most beautiful women in the world.



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