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Tila Tequila Romps in Girl-on-Girl Sex Tape Trailer (watch!)

Tila Tequila all but trashed her career because of her tawdry, inappropriate effort to exploit her relationship with heiress Casey Johnson, both in life, and after Johnson died in squalor last year. What to do? What to do? Release a sex tape!



Anne Hathaway Striking in 'Love And Other Drugs' Nude Scene (watch)

Anne Hathaway leaves virtually nothing to the imagination in nude scenes in her new movie “Love & Other Drugs,” according to newly released movie stills and a clip from the film. She romps with Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal.



Mary-Louise Parker's Blazing Weeds Bar Sex Scene (watch!)

Mary-Louise Parker bites and claws her way through a barroom sex scene on “Weeds,” which debuted Oct. 11. The scene unfolds when Parker’s character hooks up with a local bartender after she parks her Winnebago. He spanks, she bites! Hot



Disney Star Christy Romano Strips in 'Mirrors 2' (video, photos)

Former squeaky clean Disney teen star Christy Carlson Romano, who charmed in the 2000 sit-com “Even Stevens,” has graduated to the world of R-rated films with a naked romp in “Mirrors 2,” a straight-to-video horror film.



True Blood Switch Hits in Natasha Alam's Erotic Debut (nsfw video)

Russian beauty Natasha Alam made her debut on HBO’s “True Blood” season three premier and jumped right into her first nude scene. There was plenty of love (lust?) to go around for a show about blood thirsty vampires. And who knew there would be swinging both ways?



Jon Stewart Riffs on Scary Real America, Sarah Palin

Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin drew a line in the sand and declared that there is a “Real America” compared with something else. Would that be “Unreal America?” Or, would it be “Anti-America?” Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart tries to figure out exactly who lives in what world. It seems Real America begins and ends in small towns, characterized by bigoted small town mentality. But wait, what if your small town is located in a “gay state” like Massachusetts? Stewart tries to figure it all out.



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