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About Us is a web magazine devoted to superior life experiences for those who like to live life to the fullest. It publishes indepth features, and daily news, opinion and gossip on the arts, business, culture, fashion, politics, real estate and travel. Our readers appreciate the best of everything from how they live to where they live, what they drive, what they wear, where they travel and how they make a living. They embrace the road less traveled. EssCurve was launched in May 2010.

Editor & Publisher
Keith Girard
Executive Editor
Samantha Chang
Associate Editor
Debra Thomas
Art Director
Jacqueline Michelus
Writer at Large
Travel – Bruce Northam

Contributing Editors & Photographers
Matt Kindelmann
Eric Striffler
Tom LaMothe
Beatrice Bugnosen
David Salidor
Miriam Silverberg
James Edstrom
Fashion – Esther Nash
Health Fitness & Vanity – Samantha Chang
Wine Observer – Melissa Cole-Miller
Shrink Rap – James Kreibel
Gastronomique – Sarah Ricard
Real Life Designing – Lyn Peterson
Looking Askance – Keith Girard

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